Drilling Machine



Bevelling Machine


Made in E.U

The BM-20 is a new generation, easy to use portable heavy duty machine designed for bevelling steel plates and pipes prior to welding.

This bevelling machine is fitted with two milling heads each holding six inserts allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency.

The BM-20 incorporates many safety features. It has a state of art electronic control module protecting the operator, the machine and tooling. It is equipped with guide rolls, which make it easy and light to operate.


Weight : 20 kg
Power : 230Volt
Motor Speed : 2820RPM
Tooling : 2 milling heads with 12 square cement inserts.

Optional Equipment :

  • Facing off attachment
  • Pipe beveling attachment
  • R-3 - rounding attachment

Portable Pheumatic Mag Drill


Under Water Drilling
  • Anti Spark, Anti Static
  • Fail Safe Permanent Magnet
  • Air Driven
  • Safety Interlock
  • 2 Inches Cutting Capacity
  • Powerful Air motor
  • Light Weight
  • Integral Coolant System


Cutter Capacity : 12mm ~ 50mm
Chuck Capacity : 13mm (Optional Item)
No load Speed : 400RPM
Air Consumption : 30CFM
Clamping Force : 650kg
Weight : 13kg

Explosion Proof Design

Aimed at specialised applications such as Petrochemical plants; offshore oil and gas facilities; mining; shipyard and marine, mineral and powder processing industried, the Airbor 2 is powered entirely by compressed air.

By eliminating the risk of explosion from sparking and the danger of electric shock and short circuits due to moisture, the Airbor2 is quite simply the only magnetic drilling machine that can offer such a high degree of safety.


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