Welding & Cutting

Pana Tig WP

Thyristor Controlled AC/DC Pulse TIG Arc Welder


One Class high ability with Multi-Purpose welding functions.

1.It has good output characteristics, table arcing performance from the small current to rated current for welding of various thicknesses of plates,especially suitable for thin plates.

2.Very useful as power source for Butt welding of thick plate and pipe which needs high quality and penetration bead.

3.High quality welding,constant penene- tration and stable welding bead can be obtained by the good arc concentration.

4.Very asy to operate vertical welding, TIG filler welding operation.tack weld- ing operation,tack welding for thin plate and control of pulse current,So, high efficiency welding can be done.

5.Fine treatment and increase the weld quality of welding start/finish with Up-slope control and Down-slope contr- one.

6.Precisely controls the arc conditio -s for AC/DC manual welding of stainless-steel,special steel such as Cr-Mo steel by means of refined electronics techniques so than optimum dynamic characteristics can be obtai- ned.

7.By using cleaning width adjustor,mox -de can be effectively removed at low welding current while the loss of tungsten electrode can by reduced at h -igh welding current.

8.Equipped with advanced reactor contr -oltechnology,ist AC square wave outpu -t becomes very stable and stability i -s thus enhanced considerably,therby h -igh welding qualiy is obtainable.

Initial current control

To prevent burn through for thin plate weling.For confirmation of arc start point.

To prevent incomplete penetration for t -hick plate welding.

Up-slope time control

To improve the weld quality at welding start by smooth changing from initial current to welding current with Up-slop -e time control

Pulse frequency control

To change number of welding bead ripple -s and bead breadth.

Three kinds of crater treatment control Gas afterflow time control

Pulse current control

Able to choose any pulse currentas you like.

Pulse ratio control

Penetation control is easy,because it can control average current kiiping st- ong and stable arc with pulse TIG welding.

Down-slope time control

Smooth ending of welding with Down-slo- pe time control.

Arc spot welding time control


Model YT-158 THAE YT-158 THAF YT-208 THAF YT-208 THAF YT-308 TWHAJ YT-308 TWHAK
Cable length m 4 8 4 8 4 8
Rated current DC A 150 200 300
AC A 130 160 260
Duty cycle(10min.) % 50 50 50
Usable electrode dia()option mm 1.0,1.6(2.0),(2.4) 1.0,1.6,(2.0),(3.2) 1.0,1.6,(2.0),2.4,3.2, (4.0)
Usable nozzle dia()option mm. 6.5,8(9.5),(11) 6.5,8(9.5),(11) 6.5,8(9.5),(11)
Cooling water flow rate L/min - - 0.7
Weight(approx.) kg 1.2 2.0 2.0 3.2 1.8 3.0
Cooling Method   Air Air Air
*Pistor type **Cooling water flow rate 0.71/min pressure 1.0-3.0kg/cm2

Optional Nozzles for TIG Welding

Cabliber /Usable Torch 9.5 mm 12.7 mm
YT-158T YT-308TW Parts No. Parts NO.
TGI 00908 TGI O1218

Cabliber /Usable Torch 12.7 mm 16 mm 19 mm
Parts No. Parts No. Parts No.
TGN 01220 TGN 01674 TGN 10934

Cabliber /Usable Torch 8 mm 11 mm
Parts No. Parts No.
TGI 00816 TGI O1106 

Cabliber /Usable Torch Arc Spot Nozzle
Parts No.
TGI 01809


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