Welding & Cutting

Pana Tig Mini 150 (With DC Stick Welding Function)

Most suitable single phase input & small type TIG arc welder for nonferrous metal

YC-150 TM

Standard Specifications

1.Single plase
  • Pana-TIG Mini can be used with single phase input.
  • You can confirm abnormal operation with pliot lamp on front panel.
2.Excellent welding effects with IC and Thyristor control
  • Pana-TIG has good arc starting and stable arc characteristice,therefore it is most suitable for thin thickness plate welding.

To protect the windings of transformer and ensure moving steadily,a unique chassis and high duty teminals are used.

Model InputkVA Applicable stick electrode
AC arc welder YK-186(5)KL-2 13.5 Up to(AC)4mm
Pana-TIG Mini YC-150TM 11.4 Up to(DC)4mm

Two ways of current control

Crater control selector"ON"
Crater control selector"OFF"
  Power source (Model YK-150 TM)
Input 11.4kVA6.3kW 150/60Hz
Rated current DC 150A
Output current DC 8-150A
Rated duty cycle 20%
Dimensions W300*D460*H520mm
Weigth 56Kg
Welding torch (Model YC-158THAE)
Rated current 150A
Rated duty cycle 50%
Argon gas regulator (Model YX-251A)
Please inform us of prmary voltage(single phase.)

Models and Rating (TIG Welding Torch)

Models   YT-158THAE
Cable length m 4
Rated current DC A 150
Duty cycle (10min.) % 50
Usable electrode dia() option mm 1.0,1.6 (2.0),(2.4)
Usable nozzle dia. () optiona mm 6.5,8,(9.5),(11)
Weight(approx.) kg 1.2
Cooling method   Air
Please Use in combination with following equipment

Optional Nozzles for Tig Welding


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